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Mactone makes bespoke tube amplification and preamplification from one of Japan’s greatest electronic designers, Kenjiro Matsumoto. Kenjiro has been hand building tube amplifiers since 1964, making him a pioneer in the modern Japanese high-end electronics industry.


“I’d say the current Mactone XX-440 and MH-120 offer particularly refined performance, a luxurious sound quality that is evocative of the musicality of the best in Golden Age designs, but also exceeds their level of refinement and overall performance in every way.”
Jeff Day – Positive Feedback


Mactone Receives 2023 Positive-Feedback Writer’s Choice Award!

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“I absolutely adored the performance of the Mactone XX-440 line preamplifier and 65-watts per channel MH-120 stereo amplifier combination with my Tannoy Westminster Royal SE loudspeakers during their visit.
Mactone’s hand-crafted, point-to-point wired, premium vacuum tube amplification designs are sure to impress, as they possess a beautifully natural tonality, dynamic prowess, and a liquid and refined presentation, that represents vacuum tube amplification at its finest.” 
-Jeff Day- Positive-Feedback




Mactone 120

Mactone XX-7000 Preamplifier

Mactone XX-440 Preamplifier

Mactone XP-305 Phono Preamplifier

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