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The thing about In Living Stereo is that it's more focused on providing the best possible sound than installing speakers in your bathroom's ceiling. It's funny, ILS has beenin business since 2001, but it reminds me of the way high-end shops used to be in the 1980s. ILS is a throwback and I mean that in the best possible way.

Steve Guttenberg

The manner in which HiFi is sold in the U.S. isn't very different from Germany, but in general we find more passion and engagement for HiFi here in Europe. Only at in Living Stereo did we find this type of exceptional commitment.

Ingo Schultz
Fidelity Magazine

Really knowledgeable staff. Very helpful with any questions you might have. They are definitely geared towards more hi end equipment but they have a good selection for pretty much any budget.

Wilson G.
5-Star Review on Google

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