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Davone Tulip Loudspeakers On Demonstration

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davone-tulip-front.324The Davone Tulip Loudspeakers are compact floor standing speakers with style. Utilizing bent plywood sides, the Tulip manages to sound wonderful while keeping your mid-century modern decor intact. You will be surprised how good these things sound, they shouldn’t because they look too good, but alas, they do. Only $4700 a pair.

KingSound Headphones now available

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Kingsound Headphones KS-H3We are pleased to announce that we are the New York exclusive dealer for KingSound Headphones. We have on display the KS-H3 electrostatic headphones and both of their dedicated headphone amplifiers, the M-10 solid state and the M-20 tube OTL (see pics below). Get the KS-H3 and M-10 bundle for only $1,250 or the KS-H3 and M-20 for $2,150.

They have received rave reviews.

I’m a lucky guy; I regularly get to check out the world’s best-sounding headphones, but I was truly shaken and stirred by the KingSound KS-H3 electrostatic headphones. If you get to hear these headphones, start with well-recorded acoustic music and you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported back through time to the event. The KS-H3’s abilities in that area are simply astonishing, it sounds better than the best Audeze, Hifiman, or Oppo planar magnetic headphones, or even the best dynamic headphones, like the Beyerdynamic T 1 or AKG K812. They all sound a little veiled and diffuse after you spend some quality time with the KS-H3.”

Steve Guttenberg
The Audiophilliac, CNET



Naim DAC-V1

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dac-v1_1The Naim DAC-V1 is on demonstration at In Living Stereo. This is one of the most versatile D/A Converters in that it has a built in preamp with remote volume control and headphone amplification. It handles all formats including high resolution digital files. Its sound is big, rich and detailed. It’s another great product from Britain’s Naim Audio.






D’Angelo “Black Messiah” New Release

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dangeloOn Tuesday, March 10th, we will have D’angelo new album “Black Messiah”. This one will fly off the shelves, so hurry in and get a copy.

Storm Thorgerson Framed Prints

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Storm ThorgersonWe have signed and framed limited edition  prints for sale by the late Storm Thorgerson, the man  behind iconic album covers like Pink Floyd’s “Darkside of the Moon” and Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy”. Storm first met Syd Barrett and Roger Waters at Cambridge High School for Boys and later began producing images for Pink Floyd’s early albums in 1968. The number of classic album graphics he and his studio members created are too many to name. Below are some of the prints that you can see in our showroom.


Storm Thorgerson - cow Storm Thorgerson - tree

Storm Thorgerson - prismStorm Thorgerson - climber


The Lingo Labs Suspended Rack

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lingo labs 2


Why is this a $12,000 rack and why can it take your stereo system to the next level? Because it has uncompromising build quality.  Because the Lingo Labs rack was designed by meticulous experts who put it through literally years of testing, involving many many prototypes.  Because it completely isolates the components from any external vibration with its carefully combined materials and its proprietary feet that make the rack float above the floor. It does it all and makes your Shindo components sing like they never sang before. Yes, it’s worth it if you have a deep investment in your equipment and want to wring the last bit of performance from them. Now on demonstration in the back room.