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Davone Tulip Loudspeakers On Demonstration

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They’re compact floor standing speakers with style. Utilizing bent plywood sides, the Tulip manages to sound wonderful while keeping your mid-century modern decor intact. You will be surprised how good these things sound, they shouldn’t because they look too good, but alas, they do. Only $4700 a pair.

The Lingo Labs Suspended Rack

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lingo labs 2


Why is this a $12,000 rack and why can it take your stereo system to the next level? Because it has uncompromising build quality.  Because the Lingo Labs rack was designed by meticulous experts who put it through literally years of testing, involving many many prototypes.  Because it completely isolates the components from any external vibration with its carefully combined materials and its proprietary feet that make the rack float above the floor. It does it all and makes your Shindo components sing like they never sang before. Yes, it’s worth it if you have a deep investment in your equipment and want to wring the last bit of performance from them. Now on demonstration in the back room.

Ken Shindo

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We are sad to report that legendary audio designer Ken Shindo passed away recently after a brief illness, he was 74. Our sincere condolences go out to his family. His art has brought many closer to the beauty of music, and as a result he made the world a more beautiful place to live and contemplate. He will be missed. Ken’s sons and employees will honor his legacy by  continuing to build his remarkable designs for years to come. As Hemingway’s great book declares, “The Sun Also Rises”.

Shindo 604

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The 604 are the least expensive full sized Shindo loudspeakers available. Ken Shindo uses his decades of experience to extract the most from the 15″ low excursion woofer and the compression horn high frequency unit.  Very high efficiency!

The 604 cabinets are the same size as the Shindo Latour cabinets but have a single cut-out for its coaxial driver rather than a completely separated low and high frequency cut-out found on the Latour. They are also available in a field coil version. Custom Veneers are also available.





“The Rays” from Davone

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We currently have been playing and loving the Davone Rays. A great loudspeaker made in Denmark and sporting a classic Danish mid-century modern aesthetic. The Rays are a two way system utilizing a coaxial configuration. These speakers are fantastic and people go nuts over their design. They are easy to drive too, so running them with one of our tube amplifiers is a cinch. When friends and family see them in your living room, their first words will be “Wow”.

We Sell High-End Audio

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Shindo Player System












Question: What do you call a house or apartment without great sounding music?

Answer: A mausoluem.

Our exquisite equipment will infuse  joy and happiness every time you come home from a tough day at work. Give your soul a massage and let great sounding music into your life. It’s money well spent.