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Featured in ‘Fidelity-Magazine’ Germany

In Living Stereo proved to be the big prize on this trip. A mid-sized store with large window displays, In Living Stereo is divided into three ground-level sections. Centered around the store entrance is a small vinyl album sales area offering an expertly curated collection that steers clear of mainstream pop in favor of classic soul, blues, and jazz. To the left is the equipment section, which is divided into two areas: one with affordable components and speakers, and further back a gorgeous listening room with an extensive selection of such top brands as Shindo, Line Magnetic, and DeVore Fidelity.

The store radiates a pleasant laid-back atmosphere but at the same time it’s clear that the personnel are intensely passionate about serious HiFi. The level of specialization is such that several types of Shindo speakers stand at the ready for demonstration — where else can you find that? Finally, the consultation style of the staff was knowledgeable, discreet, and unpushy; to the point that one almost feels bad leaving without making a purchase. In short, In Living Stereo was a fantastic experience. Highly recommended for every NYC HiFi tourist!

Worth noting is that with the exception of In Living Stereo, the NYC HiFi stores that we visited tend to carry very similar brand portfolios, all of which are available in Germany. In addition, the manner in which HiFi is sold in the U.S. isn’t very different from Germany, but in general we find more passion and engagement for HiFi here in Europe. Only at In Living Stereo did we find this type of exceptional commitment.

You can visit the original article at: https://www.fidelity-magazin.de/2016/06/21/reportage-hifi-haendler-in-new-york-city/

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