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Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers

Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers

The Trenner and Friedl Sun

Trenner and Friedl is the newest line of loudspeakers at the store,  and we can’t emphasize enough how wonderful these speakers really are.  The “Entry Level” micro loudspeakers called “The Sun”may only measure a miniscule 8” inches high, but its sound is anything but small. As Stereophile’s Ken Micallef wrote, “The Sun is the finest stand-mounted speaker I’ve heard: a modern classic. The sum of $3450 is a not-insignificant one to spend on the reproduction of music in your home, but a pair of Suns is well worth it.”

The second stand-mount speaker from Trenner is the Art. Larger than the Suns but still very compact and perfect for any small to medium sized room. It has greater extension in the bass region and offers a velvety smooth treble response.

Trenner & Friedl Loudspeakers

The Osiris

The Osiris is their smallest floor standing loudspeaker. What’s so special about the Osiris is their incredible clarity, dynamics, and sure footed bass. Not to mention that they are only 33 inches high and drop dead gorgeous. The Osiris has a dual-concentric driver configuration with a horn loaded compression driver delivering the crystal clear high frequencies. They make a perfect pair with most tube amplifiers and cost $8500 a pair.

Finally, available for demonstration at the store is the mighty Ra,  a high-sensitivity design with a horn high frequency driver aligned concentrically with-in a 12″ woofer.  They produce sound  sound that will outright thrill you. What high-end audio is all about.

The High Sensitivity RA