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KingSound Headphones

Kingsound_KSH31_headphonesWe are pleased to announce that we are the New York exclusive dealer for KingSound Headphones. We have on display the KS-H3 electrostatic headphones and both of their dedicated headphone amplifiers, the M-10 solid state and the M-20 tube OTL (see pics below). Get the KS-H3 and M-10 bundle for only $1,250 or the KS-H3 and M-20 for $2,150.

They have received rave reviews.

I’m a lucky guy; I regularly get to check out the world’s best-sounding headphones, but I was truly shaken and stirred by the KingSound KS-H3 electrostatic headphones. If you get to hear these headphones, start with well-recorded acoustic music and you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported back through time to the event. The KS-H3’s abilities in that area are simply astonishing, it sounds better than the best Audeze, Hifiman, or Oppo planar magnetic headphones, or even the best dynamic headphones, like the Beyerdynamic T 1 or AKG K812. They all sound a little veiled and diffuse after you spend some quality time with the KS-H3.”

Steve Guttenberg
The Audiophilliac, CNET