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The “Woodpecker” Turntable!










We are pleased to be the New York City exclusive dealer for Dr. Feickert Turntables. On demonstration at the store is the “Woodpecker”. I’m really excited about this table as it really takes sound reproduction to another level for the price. We have an Emt TSD-15 cartridge with a Ortofon dynamic tonearm mounted on the Woodpecker, together they sing. TheĀ  sliding arm board cutout allows for ultra quick and easy adjustability to accommodate tonearms up to 12″ effective length . The sound is expansive, with the detail and presentation of more costly tables. Definitely something to put on your list.

Along with the Woodpecker, Feickert makes the Blackbird and Firebird Turntables. The Blackbird can accommodate two tonearms, one 9 inch and one 12″ effective length arm. It also has two motors for greater speed stability. The Firebird can take two arms as well but it can accommodate a 12″ and a 13″ effective length arms respectively. The Firebird uses 3 motors.