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Auditorium 23 – 22A

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We have the complete Auditorium 23 Hommage 22A horn system up and running. Even with limited hours, the system sounds absolutely glorious. The scale, dynamics and immediacy are  simply  breath taking . The system features replica Western Electric field coil horn midrange and tweeter compression drivers  that sit comfortably atop the Audiorioum 23 powered woofer system by solid brass legs. Each woofer enclosures houses cross-overs and volume adjustable self powered 10″ and 15″ woofers. Moreover, both midrange and high frequency horn field coils are driven by the Acoustic Plan  power supply that allows the listener to control detail by adjusting voltage. If you are not aware of field coil technology it is an electromagnetic system that doesn’t rely on weaker earth magnets to control the diaphragm within the compression driver. Now is your chance to have the finest loudspeaker system available. Please call ahead if you are interested.

22a side