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IsoTekIsoTek® was formed in July 2001 with the vision to create high-quality mains power conditioners that stretched beyond current conventions. Through careful market analysis and extensive research, IsoTek® has been able to launch products that dramatically improve the performance of all components used within an audio or visual environment. As a result of this success, power conditioning is now recognised as an integral part of any hi-fi or home theatre system, be it modest or high-end. IsoTek® products are proven to lead the way in power management systems throughout the world, in both domestic and professional markets. The latest EVO3 range further galvanises a commitment to pursue excellence at every level.

IsoTek® believes that all hi-fi and home theatre components benefit from their own clean power supply. This has led to the concept of using individual filters for every component, with each designed specifically for the purpose in hand. This dramatically reduces cross-contamination between components plugged into the filter and improves performance significantly. Every part used in an IsoTek® design is of the highest quality and is extensively tested for reliability and purpose. The circuit designs are then ‘field’ tested before they reach the market, in order to ensure the widest possible compatibility with third party products.