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Hot New Releases for 2013

rangda dead cDead C vs Rangda – s/t – Ba Da Big Records
Two of the best bands in Experimental music put of a new split for Ba Da Bing

thrill_jockeyDan Friel – Total Folklore – Thrill Jockey
Third solo record from former Parts and Labor frontman promises to be even better than previous solo efforts for Thrill Jockey

karl bartosKarl Bartos – Off The Record – Bureau B
New songs based off older, (officially) unrecorded ideas from Karl Bartok, member of Kraftwerk’s “classic” lineup.

velvet_imageVelvet Underground – At The End of Cole Ave : The First Night – Keyhole Records
Live date from ’69, arguably the band’s creative apex.

lee gambleLee Gamble – Dutch Tvasher Plumes -Pan
Former 90s junglist has been expanding and airing out his sound over the last decade, giving his new work a totally different sound. 2012’s “Diversions” was an ILS favorite.