Hi-Fi Stereo Equipment & Records


EMTAudiophile MC-systems developed on the occasion of the 66th Anniversary of EMT. Half-opened casing made from and milled out of a massive block of purest special aluminium. Gold-plated system components. Normed ½-inch standard fastening for the use with every high-quality tone arm. Both types use a bare diamond stylus, the JSD 5 in Gyger S, the JSD 6 in Super Fineline version.

The JSD series was not only developed and optimised in the laboratory but mainly in practice, partly with the assistance of committed test-listeners who used their own records and partly by using legendary old record players and also the most modern ones, as well as multitude tone arms during extensive listening and comparative tests. Great importance was given to maintaining the typical characteristics of EMT, stressing in particular the know-how which is based on the large experience of our specialists. Special attention has also been given to the consistent use of non-exotic materials.

Handmade quality in Germany