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acousticplan The company AcousticPlan was founded in 1996 by the German music enthusiast Claus Jäckle after fifteen years of experimental research on music reproduction and its complement, i.e. issues of recording and acoustics. This new venture was moved by the thrust to realize very special and unusual ideas. The production of highest quality music components requires today, not only innovative design and professional engineering skills, but also a devotion to craftsmanship and the relentless pursuit of perfection. All AcousticPlan products will always be the manufactured according to the highest standards of masterly German engineering. AcousticPlan’s high end components excell by their visual attraction and acoustic signature. The integration of superior components, e.g. special broadband drivers,signal transformers of our own development or circuits in hybrid technique far-off any mainstream, supports the design. The development and production of AcousticPlan music components involve people with different professional backgrounds ranging from engineering to product design and musical performance. All of them are fascinated by the art of music reproduction and devoted to continue the great tradition of a German engineering.