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Featured Used New Arrivals (Week of 1/23/12)

Fela Anikulapo Kuti: Box Set #1  (6 LPs + 6 Post Cards + 12 Page Book, Limited Edition #5235 Barclay France 1974)

Albert Ayler Trio: Spiritual Unity (LP Mono ESP-Disk 1965)

J.C. White Singers: By Your Side (LP SEALED Zanzee)

The Birthday Party / Lydia Lunch: Drunk on the Pope’s Blood / Agony Is the Ecstacy (12” 4AD 1982)

Motorhead: Rock ‘N’  Roll  (LP GWR Records 1987)

Caetano Veloso: Muito  (LP Philips 1985)

The Move: ‘Shazam’ (LP A&M 1970)

The Cramps: Bikini Girls With Machine Guns  (12” Autographed by Poison Ivy Enigma 1990)

Neil Merryweather: Kryptonite      (LP Mercury 1975)

Hawkwind: S/T  (LP United Artists 1970)

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