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Shindo Lafite Horn Speakers Have Arrived

I  unpacked the crates that just arrived from Japan like a little kid attacking wrapping paper on his birthday. As such, by the end of the operation, the outer crate looked like it had been eaten by a Nile croc. But the battle was not in vain, inside were the Shindo Lafite! Beautifully crafted and finished, they sit elegantly with their turned legs and perfect proportions. Later that day, My good customer Matt stopped by to see them and enthusiastically offered to help set them up. So we went ahead with the task. After plugging in the field-coil power supplies, the speakers were ready for a first run. All I can say is that what happened next was both magical and enlightening. Both Matt and myself sat grinning ear to ear for the entire listening session. Another victory for Ken Shindo!