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Auditorium 23

Auditorium "23-Step Up Transformers"

Auditorium “23-Step Up Transformers”

Auditorium 23 step up transformers are available in four versions, two specifically for very low impedance cartridges like the Ortofon SPU and two for higher impedance cartridges like the EMT’s, Denon 103, Shelter and many others. Auditorium 23 transformers in combination with a suitable phono preamp are simply amazing. Active gain stages will never capture the flow, texture, drive and overall musicality of a top shelf transformer like the Auditorium 23.

The top of the range transformers from Auditorium 23 are the Hommage T1 and the Hommage T2, the former for lower impedances and the latter for higher. The Hommage line is simply the best we’ve heard anywhere and recommend it highly to the passionate vinyl lover.