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Roscoe Rest in Peace

I have some sad news. Roscoe peacefully passed away yesterday at the age of 18+ with family at his side. He was a trooper until the end, always positive and loyal no matter his condition. His last days were spent enjoying the outside, walking and laying in the grass, smelling the wild flowers and the different scents that perfumed his world and warming himself in the sun. He ate his favorite things: raw carrots, granola bars, bacon, ground beef with rice, graham crackers and pie crust.

I first met Roscoe back in 1997 at the no kill animal shelter in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition). He had been living in one of the cages there for a number of years. I was immediately charmed by Roscoe’s warmth. He was so happy to see me and after a joyful walk he would bury his head in my lap and want to stay there for ever. After a couple of months of walking dogs, I decided to adopt him. He’s been my buddy since.

Nine years ago when I opened the store, Roscoe quickly stepped up and became my business partner, making customers feel relaxed and welcome. He greeted enumerable people as they stepped through the doors. He was patient and quiet while people listened to gear.

I want to thank everyone who gave Roscoe a good pet and spoke kind words to him while they were visiting the shop. I’m sure he will be missed by all. I will miss him dearly.


Below are some pictures and a video with Roscoe and his friend Jetta taking a walk in the Poconos , music by Count Basie. Enjoy!