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This is Rick’s jamming system. He built it one brick at a time and ended up with something timeless. He started with the DeVore Gibbon Super Eight loudspeakers. A few months later he added the wonderful Leben 300x EL84 based integrated tube amp. Next came Auditorium 23 speaker cables. A few months later the Rega P5 with a Shelter 501. A year or so went by and he replaced the Rega MC fono with the Leben RS 30Q tube moving magnet phono preamp and a Auditorium 23 103 step-up transformer. A Shindo cable here and there months later. Then a custom sized Box Furniture rack got the system to another sonic and aesthetic level.  Just recently he switched the Rega P5 and Shelter out with the amazing Well Tempered Amadeus GTA and a EMT JSD 6 Super Fine line cartridge. Next up for the coming year is a new Shindo Mr. T Line conditioner. The system has soul!