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The new Well Tempered Amadeus GT on Demonstration

welltemperedamadeusI’m blown away by the performance and elegance of this beautifully engineered turntable. The Amadeus GT was easy to set up, easy to tweak and easy to love. It’s highlighted by a unique zero clearance suspended tonearm that can accommodate any cartridge, no matter what the compliance, because of its adjustable dampening via a fluid immersed golf ball … pure genius. It has incredible clarity, great pitch stability and rhythmic momentum. I’ve been searching for a turntable that can be fitted for between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on cable and cartridge options for so long I can’t tell you. It was getting depressing and to the point where I figured I’d never get that perfectly priced play back machine. Although there are many similarly priced turntables out there, none of them offered the type of performance and value worth the investment. Until Now!!!!